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JP-S6364401-A: Connection structure of waveguide patent, JP-S6364619-A: Composite type floating head patent, JP-S6364712-A: Manufacture of heat-resistant and pressure-resistant vessel made of synthetic resin patent, JP-S6365484-A: Digital image display device patent, JP-S6366589-A: Planet/satellite model patent, JP-S6366596-A: Castanet patent, JP-S6366893-A: Radio frequency heater patent, JP-S6368704-A: Combined intermediary valve for nuclear power generation low pressure steam turbine patent, JP-S6369537-A: Production of packing having opening part with high efficiency and blank used therein patent, JP-S6370179-A: Logic ic tester patent, JP-S6370293-A: Tempo display device patent, JP-S6370476-A: Manufacture of phase shift type diffraction grating patent, JP-S6371853-A: Photomask patent, JP-S6371940-A: Objective lens driving device patent, JP-S6373000-A: Shifting method for pig in fluid transfer pipe patent, JP-S637310-A: Method for estimating deterioration of gitter brick of hot stove patent, JP-S637316-A: Predicting method for slopping patent, JP-S6374129-A: Semiconductor laser driving device patent, JP-S6374442-A: Equipment for producing dry noodle patent, JP-S6374497-A: Production of synthetic intermediate for optically active carbacycline patent, JP-S6376445-A: Wire bonding patent, JP-S6376622-A: Compressed data record stretching system patent, JP-S6376944-A: Controlling method for automatic transmission patent, JP-S6377249-A: Telephone set with telephone number data retrieval function patent, JP-S6377264-A: Original oblique travelling detecting system patent, JP-S6377916-A: Production of resol phenolic resin patent, JP-S6378384-A: Floppy disk device patent, JP-S6378412-A: Switch gear for power source using solar cell patent, JP-S637913-A: Manufacture of frp molded product and equipment therefor patent, JP-S6382043-A: Burst signal generating circuit patent, JP-S6385343-A: Continuous gas analyzer patent, JP-S6385431-A: Fluorometric analysis instrument for trace sample patent, JP-S63855-A: Cartridge holding mechanism patent, JP-S6386085-A: Pattern recognizing device by pattern matching patent, JP-S6386660-A: Work station patent, JP-S6387357-A: Working auxiliary brake for vehicle patent, JP-S6387930-A: Harmful insect repelling sheet for mulching culture patent, JP-S6388551-A: Silver halide element for photography patent, JP-S6391641-A: Camera using secondary lithium battery patent, JP-S6392250-A: Brushless motor of thin type patent, JP-S6392402-A: Heating roll of bonding thread for bonding veneer patent, JP-S6393996-A: Method of placing lining patent, JP-S6395100-A: Operation control method of clothing dryer patent, JP-S6395256-A: Resin composition patent, JP-S6395372-A: Measuring apparatus for uneven rotation patent, JP-S6395623-A: Forming method for pattern patent, JP-S6397026-A: Method and device for optical communication patent, JP-S639871-A: Search coil for magnetic field measurement patent, JP-S6399068-A: Pyridylpyrimidine derivative, its production and plant blight controlling agent containing said derivative as active component patent, JP-S6399694-A: Polarity inversion detecting circuit patent, JP-S6410237-A: Pattern forming material patent, JP-S6412449-A: Cathode-ray tube patent, JP-S6413525-A: Liquid crystal display element patent, JP-S6414815-A: Formation of superconductive thin film patent, JP-S6415185-A: Method for lining inner surface of pipe patent, JP-S6415796-A: Driving of active matrix type display device patent, JP-S641645-A: Dash insulator structure of car patent, JP-S6417358-A: Image pickup device patent, JP-S6418454-A: Method of crushing silicic acid material patent, JP-S6418470-A: Preparation of thin membrane with its molecule oriented patent, JP-S6418492-A: Waste liquid treatment method patent, JP-S642074-A: Image control method patent, JP-S6421509-A: Process abnormality diagnosing device patent, JP-S6421618-A: Electronic equipment patent, JP-S6422218-A: High frequency heating apparatus patent, JP-S6422364-A: Method for classifying particles patent, JP-S6422558-A: Hammer bank drive and method for pulse atarting type printer patent, JP-S6423416-A: Disc-shaped magnetic recording carrier patent, JP-S6423444-A: Magneto-optical disk patent, JP-S6423459-A: Disk driver patent, JP-S6424377-A: Lock cover for ic socket patent, JP-S6424402-A: Manufacture of chip resistor patent, JP-S642464-A: Select signal system setting device of communication controller patent, JP-S642485-A: Television receiver with paging reception function patent, JP-S6425613-A: Traffic information receiver patent, JP-S6426025-A: High-temperature superconductive electromagnetic coupling patent, JP-S6426030-A: Lubricating device for wet friction clutch patent, JP-S6426205-A: Position control method by robot patent, JP-S6426568-A: Phenyl ether derivatives as microbicide, manufacture and use patent, JP-S6427123-A: Film type superconductive element patent, JP-S6427167-A: Circuit board pin patent, JP-S6429321-A: Meningococcus class 1 lateral protein vaccine patent, JP-S6429574-A: Mold release device for rotary type automatic formwork patent, JP-S642959-A: Automatic document circulator patent, JP-S6430114-A: Manufacture of oxide superconductor patent, JP-S6431083-A: Ray detector patent, JP-S6432490-A: Control circuit for dynamic memory patent, JP-S6432897-A: Futon drying apparatus patent, JP-S6433615-A: Document preparing device patent, JP-S6434522-A: Method for working metal plate patent, JP-S6435405-A: Light waveguide mutual connection circuit patent, JP-S6435505-A: Production of rectangular light guide made of iii-v group compound semiconductor having flush structure patent, JP-S643571-A: Tdr device patent, JP-S6436295-A: Electric/acoustic converter patent, JP-S643760-A: Interruption processing system patent, JP-S6438000-A: Cordless electric iron patent, JP-S6438391-A: Jig for hanging wall material, etc. and usage thereof patent, JP-S6438831-A: Decimal subtractor patent, JP-S6439470-A: Method of preload construction of reinforced concrete post member and device thereof patent, JP-S6440184-A: Warm resistance welding method for steel pipe patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent,

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